Google Documents – Recommended Research

When we make documents, sometimes it is important to make research. Google Documents has a special feature for such assignments. This machine intelligence feature added to Google Documents is able to give you recommendations automatically. All this recommendations will be related to your current research, topics or images which are connected to your current project. Alternatively it is possible to search your Google Drive or the web in order to find any information which is related to your project. Using this feature there will be no need to switch back or forth just between tabs of your browser.

Google Documents – Adding Borders, Rotating And Cropping Images

Various editing features to images have been launched to Google Drawings and Google Slides already long time ago. However, now the team of Google Drive has presented editing options to images in Google Documents. This is a very important update you should know and not ignore. We want to pay your attention that now there is no need to involve any kind of third-party specialists, websites or applications in order to do any kind of editing actions to images in such Google Drive files as Google Documents. You can do this job by yourself inside Google Docs app.

Google Drive – How Should We Delete Files?

Recently Google Drive has presented a very simple but highly efficient update. This feature was requested by numerous users of Google Drive and now it has been brought directly into your files which are stored in Google Drive. Now long time ago, you could move your documents into Trash only inside your Google Drive account. Now you can do the same action directly inside your actual Google Drive files.

Google Drive – Activity Stream

When you use Google Drive, where do you usually keep the changes? It is very convenient to use the option “Activity Stream”.

Google Drive – Add Shared Files

Would you like to add any kind of shared documents to My Drive? If you use Google Drive you should know that it is one of the best and secured places where you can store your files and documents. Everything what your colleagues or friends share with you, you will be able to keep in one place.

Become Real Google Pro

The following tips will help you become a real professional user of Google. Users who have just started using Google applications most probably are extremely excited about using Google Drive. It is well-known that Google Drive is very efficient for getting access from anywhere, its perspective for collaboration is great and now we will explain you where and how you should get started with Google.

Google Forms - Gathering Your Data

Do you use Google Forms? It has huge potential, maybe even bigger than you used to think. Google Forms is a great tool for educational needs, for example homework, quizzes and so on). Also you can use Google Forms for gathering various feedbacks/information from an individual or a big group of people.