Google Slides – How To Restore An Old Version Of Your Presentation

Every time, when you apply certain changes to your Google Slides presentation which is stores on your Google Drive, the program saves all revisions of your file by default. This makes it possible to restore your file back to its earlier version. This is very important because things may go wrong. Let’s find out how to use this service.When you use the updo option, only certain actions in a single session can be reverted.

How To Add Text Animation in PowerPoint 2013

There is nothing worse than to follow a boring PowerPoint presentation. How can you engage your audience and make your presentation interesting? Creative animations can keep your audience fully engaged, but you should not overuse animations.You should always avoid using boring and overused animations and transitions. Such elements as simple picture and points should appear in your PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint – How To Get Backstage View Disabled While Saving New PPT Files

If you use PowerPoint 2016 and you want to open/save your new PowerPoint file, you will have to do the following steps in the view “Backstage” before you can see the window with file picker. You may noticed that in older versions of PowerPoint, this process was much more straightforward. Before, you use to press “Save” and the program by default could detect whether your PowerPoint file was newly created.

Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation With A Custom Motion Path

This article will make it clear how to create a nice-looking custom motion path. PowerPoint program already comes with many interesting and predefined animations. They help in enhancing PowerPoint presentations. However, sometimes it is desirable to make your own animation effects in order to guarantee a successful message delivery.You will easily create a custom motion path by following these steps:Start with launching your PowerPoint program.

PowerPoint – How To Set Timing Manually

When you work in PowerPoint program, it records the timing once narrations have been added. It is also possible to set your timing manually for accompanying the narrations.You will have to do the following:In the view “Normal” you have to click PowerPoint slide for setting your timing.Find the tab “Transitions” in the group “Timing” (see under “Advance Slide”).Now, you have to select the check box named “After” and enter the needed number of seconds.

Deleting Or Turning Off Narrations And Timings

In the first part of this article we are going to see how to delete timings and narrations in your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a timing/narration which you do not want to keep or want to replace, there is the command called “Clear” for this. In fact, there are several commands “Clear” and they allow you to do the following:You can delete your timing on a selected ppt slide.You can delete your timing on all ppt slides.

How To Rotate Pie Charts In PowerPoint Presentations

Working in PowerPoint with pie charts, be default they are rotated to a certain fixed degree. A pie chart can be rotated to face the needed direction. This is the easiest way to design such graphical elements, such as pie charts. You can rotate angles of pie charts for 3D charts as well as for normal pie charts. Unfortunately, this option is not supported for other types of charts, such as doughnut, bar of pie, or pie of pie.