PowerPoint Presentations – Recording Tips

This article is devoted to all kinds of recording you do while preparing or delivering your PowerPoint presentation. Find the list of tips below.As a rule, when you add recording to your PowerPoint presentation, they get added on a per-slide basis. In order to modify your recording, you will need to record your affected PowerPoint slide once again. It is also possible to change the order of PowerPoint slides after the process of recording without re-recording any part of it.

PowerPoint Presentations -  Recording Sounds And Narrations

Every time you want to record your narration in PowerPoint presentation, you will have to make sure that your computer has a proper sound card as well as a microphone. In case, your microphone is not the part of your personal computer, you will need a special connector for your microphone.In order to record your narration you will have to do the following:Go to the tab “Slide Show” which you will find in the group “Set Up”.

PowerPoint Presentations – How To Record And Rehearse Your Slide Timing

Working in PowerPoint you can choose between these show types: “Browsed at a kiosk (full screen)” or “Presented by a speaker (full screen)”. It is highly recommended to record your timing and rehearse your slides before delivering your presentation to your target audience.You will have to do the following steps:Go to the tab “Slide Show” and press the option “Rehearse Timings”. Once you press this option, your timer will be switched on immediately.

How To Make A Self-Running PowerPoint Presentation

Self-running presentations are widely used and very practical. You can run it in a kiosk or booth unattended as a trade convention or show. Also, it is very easy to save your video and forward to your potential client.Now let’s set your self-running presentation up using Office 2010/2013/2016:Go to the tab “Slide Show” and press “Set Up Slide Show”.Refer to “Show Type” and choose one of the following options:If you want let people watch your PowerPoint slide show and have full control over it when people advance PowerPoint slides, you will have to choose “Presented by a speaker (full screen)”.

Office 2016 On Windows – Editing SVG Images

Scalable Vector Grahics or shortly SVG can be inserted and edited by the following programs: Microsoft Word/Outlook/PowerPoint/Excel on any kind of Windows, Android, Mac, and other modern mobile devices. This information will h interesting if your email/workbook/presentation contain SVG images which you want to edit. It is important to mention that this feature is available to subscribers of Office 365.

How To Add Exiting Image Into Document Created In Windows Mobile

Working with images in Windows Mobile is very easy and pleasant.Below you will find instructions on how to take a new photo and add it to your document.Start with opening your document, workbook, or presentation.You have to tap the exact place where the image will be added.If you use Windows tablet, press the tab “Insert”. If you use Windows phone, you have to press twice your slide and then tap the button “More” on your screen.

Microsoft Office – How Can You Insert Icons

While working with Microsoft Office files, it is very simple to insert SVG (Scalable Vector Grapics) and icons into any kind of presentations, emails, and workbooks. Once your graphic or icon has been inserted into your document, you can resize/color/rotate it without losing the quality of your image.The way to insert icons:Start with pressing “Insert” and then “Icons”. If you do not see this feature available, this means that you use the version of MS Office which does not support this feature.