MS Office Word 2013-2016 – Adding Pictures To Footer And Header

The procedure of adding various images to your header and footer is very simple. For example, you can add the logo of your company or brand which is a very good from a promotional way of view.Follow these steps:Start with pressing “Insert” and then click “Footer” or “Header”. You can see a lot of interesting and professional layouts appeared in front of you. You should select the simplest one which is called “Blank”.

Adding Pictures To Footer Or Header In Word Online

In this article you will find a detailed description how to insert pictures in a footer/header while working with documents created in Office Online.Start pressing “Edit Document” and then “Edit in Word Online”.Edit in Word OnlinePress “Insert” and then “Header and Footer”.Header & Footer buttonAt the top and bottom sides of your Word document you can see white-colored area appeared.

MS Office 2007-2010 – Adding Images To Footers And Headers

Let’s imagine the situation when you want to place the logo of your company to you MS Office document. This logo should be placed to the footer or header.Follow these instructions:Start with pressing “Insert” and then click either ‘Footer’ or “Header”. You will see a lot of various built-in layouts on the screen. Choose a basic one, for example “Blank”.Office 14 RibbonIn order to get your text area replaced with an image in the footer/header, you should select this area.

Microsoft Office – How Can You Insert Icons

While working with Microsoft Office files, it is very simple to insert SVG (Scalable Vector Grapics) and icons into any kind of presentations, emails, and workbooks. Once your graphic or icon has been inserted into your document, you can resize/color/rotate it without losing the quality of your image.The way to insert icons:Start with pressing “Insert” and then “Icons”. If you do not see this feature available, this means that you use the version of MS Office which does not support this feature.

Picture Manager – Create Shortcuts To Folders And Pictures

Before, in order to manage your pictures you had to navigate between numerous folder and locations, but now with MS Office Picture Manager you can simply add a shortcut to a certain location which contains the image. Using Picture Manager you o not have to import pictures or make new categories. After adding new shortcuts, you can work from this location in the same way as you are working from your system files.

Where Can You Find MS Office Picture Manager

Once, you start working with MS Office Picture Manager you should know that it has not been included in MS Office 2013 and its other old versions. However, you should not get upset because you can get a standalone application easily.Start with installing Picture Manager.Now, you have to get SharePoint Designer 2007 downloaded.Refer to the page “Choose the download you want”, press “ShareDesigner.

MS Office Picture Manager — Editing Option

This is a small manual on how to edit your pictures using MS Office Picture Manager. You can adjust your editing settings by pressing the menus “Edit” and “Picture”. It is very simple to modify the way your picture will look like.You can change the following properties:Contrast and brightnessCropColorFlip and rotateChange the sizeRemoval of red eyesOnce your editing is complete, you have to get all these changes saved properly.