Postcard Templates - Different Design Options for Postcards

Postcard Templates - Different Design Options for Postcards

The first step in designing the perfect postcard for your business needs is to determine what your content is going to be. To narrow this down, take into consideration the confines of the postcard. You could make use of front and back or only one side of the card, which will make a difference. Think about what your message is, and try to condense this down to one key sentence or pair of sentences. This will help you find a theme, and choose from the corresponding postcard templates out there that will make short work of the whole design process.

Color and graphics are going to play a large role in the final design. Choosing from all the different graphical elements of the various postcard templates out there can be difficult, so it's fun to play around with several of them to see what your finished product could look like. It's better to be more image-heavy than have too many words. Most people are visual and will be drawn to a central image over anything else, so including photographs, charts, or diagrams in the center of the card could be a good idea.

Including the company information is also vital, but this should not necessarily be placed front and center. If you look at the postcard templates, many of them will suggest that you put your company and contact information more to the side, or the bottom corner. This is better because it forces the eye to move around the postcard, taking in first the central image, followed by any headlines or copywriting that you choose to include, and finally down to the important contact information. You could keep this as simple as a website address, which is more intriguing in a way than showing your full hand all at once.

To get started, it's important to first identify the core theme of your marketing message, and then use this to examine all the options out there. There is no need to commit to simply one of the postcard templates; rather you can pick and choose from elements of different ones that you like, to create your own unique design. That is the fun of graphic design. Even those with no artistic inclinations can manage to put together some truly interesting final results, that can be eye catching and draw in new customers at the same time. Shopping around can make a huge difference in the finished product.

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